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to Fly

Between 2016/17 I achieved a lifetime dream of learning to fly.

Ground School

There are numerous exams to take for the PPL(A) and here are the ones I’ve completed and the results.

  • Communications – 90%
  • Air Law – 94%
  • Principles of Flight – 92%
  • Human Performance – 83%
  • Meteorology – 81%
  • Flight Performance & Planning – 83%
  • Aircraft General Knowledge – 100%
  • Navigation – 100%

Log Book


Total Time (hrs)

Solo Time

Airfields Visited to Date

Licence Privileges

My licence type is Private Pilot Licence PPL(A), the A stands for aircraft. I have a type rating for Single Engine Piston (SEP).

Home Airfield

I fly from Solent Airport, Daedalus – aka Lee-on-Solent.

Flying Aids

The iPad comes in very useful for flying. We use SkyDemon for flight planning and en-route tracking.

Something I learnt: Taking off is optional; landing is mandatory!