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Contengine is a digital marketing team management platform with a unique set of digital asset management, creation & performance tools.

What is Contengine?

Contengine gives managers a holistic view of their teams’ activities, activity status and includes a suite of tools for planning, creating and promoting their digital assets.

Contengine was created specifically to address the problem of disparate and siloed planning that exists in organisations: global, national and SME. Specifically, though, for digital marketing teams.

There are three main pillars or themes that the solution addresses: Planning, Creating & Promoting.







Gantt View

Easily see what’s happening with Gantt View

Responsive Design

Contengine can be used across all platforms


Contengine can easily be tailored to a specific uses


From a menu, define the activities and attributes to suit your needs

Contengine was designed for the manager who wants to easily plan and direct activities

The numbers

Here are some activities managed on the platform as of August 2018.



Tasks Complted

Campaigns Managed

The Story So Far

Contengine was developed using the Lean Start-up method and taken to market as an MVP and achieved paying customers.

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